Tekla training and certification bring valuable and measurable rewards to structural engineers, precast detailers, steel detailers and fabricators, concrete detailers and manufacturers, BIM professionals, contractors, and the organisations that employ them.

Once certified, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. With your Tekla certification, it means you are qualified with an enhanced set of skills and knowledge, giving you their cognition, you deserve.

Certification from Trimble is a globally recognized and accepted certification for Building Information Modelling.


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Examination Details

Certificates of Achievement are awarded by Trimble Solutions to all 3 courses–Basic,Intermediate and Advanced.It is available for trainees who have attended and completed their respective courses. Current Tekla users with relevant Tekla usage experience may sit for these certification examinations without prior attendance of these Tekla courses.

Certification of Achievement by course type awarded by the appointed ATCorTrimble.

Grade : Tekla Structures Proficiency

Distinction : High

Excellent : Above Average

Good : Reasonable

Occurs every quarter and falls on last Friday of month 3. It will subject to changes due to public holidays