Tekla training and certification bring valuable and measurable rewards to structural engineers, precast detailers, steel detailers and fabricators, concrete detailers and manufacturers, BIM professionals, contractors, and the organisations that employ them.

Once certified, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. With your Tekla certification, it means you are qualified with an enhanced set of skills and knowledge, giving you their cognition, you deserve.

Certification from Trimble is a globally recognized and accepted certification for Building Information Modelling.


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Examination Details

Certificates of Achievement are awarded by Trimble Solutions to all 3 courses–Basic,Intermediate and Advanced.It is available for trainees who have attended and completed their respective courses. Current Tekla users with relevant Tekla usage experience may sit for these certification examinations without prior attendance of these Tekla courses.

Certification of Achievement by course type awarded by the appointed ATCorTrimble.

Grade : Tekla Structures Proficiency

Distinction : High

Excellent : Above Average

Good : Reasonable

Occurs every quarter and falls on last Friday of month 3. It will subject to changes due to public holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Tekla Structures is 3D BIM modelling software for structures
Tekla Structures course we offer for Concrete, Precast, Rebar and Steel Structures and Drawing
Our training will be a combination of theoretical and practical on each topic. We also provide live exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.
Siddhant Pawar/ Hitesh Patil is our technical trainer certified by trimble tekla
Yes, after the completion of the course. We will provide opportunity to work on our live projects.
Daily batch times to be decided and daily how many hours, off on which dates
First of all you have to understand that Building information modelling is an emerging area for Engineers and Architects. After learning Tekla you can start the following

1. Get a job in BIM industry
2. Start your freelancing consultancy
3. Opportunity as Precast , Rebar and Steel Modeller
4. Better job opportunities and salary hike for experience professionals.
For job in Tekla Structures B.E , B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech. You can easily do this course and start your career in BIM.
If you are looking for Freelancing/Money, earning opportunities you do not need to have any degree.
No, we do not make any fraudulent offers about placements to make you join the course. In fact we guarantee 100% subject as per realtime standards so you will be ready for the job after completing our course.
Yes, we are one of the oldest & trusted Consultant and now institute and will help with genuine placement assistance in good companies. We will provide you 3-5 company interview calls. Based on your performance you can get a job.
Generally the basic salary of BIM professional starts @ --k – --k. Depending on your academics, qualifications, communications and target company. If you planning to start your own online business then you can get a growth based on your efforts.
Yes, in fact, in the todays digital environment, It is mandatory for all engineers to understand the BIM and execute the projects for clients in BIM.
Yes, Our course is designed to help you learn every concept in realtime. In the end of the sessions we will discuss various concepts of Freelancing to help you get started in this industry.
Yes, our team will provide you support for any clarification you need in job.
We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & On-line Program.
Our online program is a detailed program with similar content of classroom program. We assure you that every topic is covered in our syllabus with detailed theory and practical examples.
In each topic you will get assignment tasks given by faculty and you must submit the assignments by mail. We also provide live access to our server to practice on WordPress and implement the concepts in practical manner.
We provide a Authorized certificate after completion of the course. Certification will be provided by Trimble and globally recognized certification. Exam conducted after completion of course.
You can ask any questions to our faculty by whatsapp/email. He will respond to all your queries.
No, you cannot download the videos from our website. The online recording access is view only.
Duration depends on Courses